Local Guide: A Weekend in Washington D.C.

Everyone knows the 3 Ms of D.C.: museums, monuments, and The Mall. Add in the White House and you've got a full weekend of sightseeing and a tourist's dream. But, maybe you've done the tourist thing and you're ready to see the nation's capital in a new light. IF that's the case, you're in the … Continue reading Local Guide: A Weekend in Washington D.C.


Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Holiday shopping season is right around the corner! Or, if you're type A like me, it has already started. If you have a frequent traveler in your circle, it sometimes may be hard to figure out what to get them. Where have they already been? What tools do they already have? What would be useful … Continue reading Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Travel Stories: My Scariest Experience

Every traveler with a few miles under their belt has a couple tales up their sleeve to share at a dinner party or entertain new friends. This post will be about one of mine. Looking back on it, Mel (the other victim here) and I joke about it, but it truly was one of the … Continue reading Travel Stories: My Scariest Experience

How to Scale the 30 Before 30 Challenge to Your Goals

Though Seth and I approach this blog and this challenge with a heavy focus on budgeting, saving, and proceeding in the most affordable way possible, we also recognize that the 30 Before 30 challenge is simply not possible for everyone. For the single parents, the student-debt payers, or the doctoral residents who either don't have … Continue reading How to Scale the 30 Before 30 Challenge to Your Goals

Pre-Financial Friday: an Update

Hey fam! Long time no...read. ~Quick update~ I have been absolutely swamped at work the past few weeks (last week I watched the sun set from my office every day and this week I watched it rise) so writing kind of fell to the back burner. Plus last weekend Seth and I spent the weekend … Continue reading Pre-Financial Friday: an Update

What I’m Listening To: RPF 0006 – How to Afford Anything You Want in Life

Welcome back to another Motivation Monday- a (kind of) weekly installment of what I'm reading, watching, and listening to that inspires and motivates me! Today I'm writing about a podcast episode that was one of the first pieces of the inspiration puzzle that led me toward creating this blog. This one podcast episode will likely … Continue reading What I’m Listening To: RPF 0006 – How to Afford Anything You Want in Life

Our Next Trip!

Seth and I are in the very early stages of planning our next trip, but we wanted to share it with you! Both of our birthdays are in February (only 5 days apart), plus the ever-important Valentine's Day, so we thought this would be a great week to take a trip! It was recently brought … Continue reading Our Next Trip!