Our Next Trip!

Seth and I are in the very early stages of planning our next trip, but we wanted to share it with you!

Both of our birthdays are in February (only 5 days apart), plus the ever-important Valentine’s Day, so we thought this would be a great week to take a trip! It was recently brought to my attention (thanks, Mel) that I always romanticize winter and picture it as way more cozy and picturesque than it actually is, when in actuality I’m freezing all the time, snot is running down my face, and my lips are chapped. BUT what better way to showcase winter in its powerful and natural beauty than to spend it amidst historical buildings and snow-capped cathedrals?

Which is why we are beginning to plan a trip to…Prague, Vienna, and Budapest for February 2018! Located in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary respectively, we will see some of the most gorgeous cities in winter. We’re not yet sure if we’ll be able to hit all three during our trip, but that’s our goal as of now.

Not only has this part of the world been on our radar for a while, it is also relatively cheap to travel to! (Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either) A quick preliminary search has led us to round trip flights for under $700, AirBnBs for under $50, and affordable means of travel between the cities. Hopefully we’ll find even cheaper options with more research…maybe we’ll even stay in our first hostel??

Ya’ll know by now that we’re all about budgeting, so for now, we are setting a budget goal of $1,300 each for all expenses for this trip. If we can get cheap flights for about $700 each, that will leave us with the following budget for the rest of the trip:

PVB Budget

This is our stand-in budget and I will be researching more in the coming months and fine tuning it, but this is our jumping-off board.

As we research, plan, book, and eventually actually go on the trip, we will keep you updated along the way for how we find great deals, how we get around, and everything we do while we’re there! And I’m sure there will be plenty of mistakes along the way and lessons learned, which I’m also super excited to share with you!

So stay tuned!


Have you ever been to Prague, Vienna, or Budapest? What was your favorite thing to do there? Any tips, tricks, or words of advice?


2 thoughts on “Our Next Trip!

  1. Sounds a good plan, I like the way you calculate your budget like a pro! 😉

    Tip#1 (accommodation)
    Wanted to highlight that in Budapest I highly recommend to check booking.com and let airbnb as a Plan B. I am living in bratislava slovakia and I have done this 3 country trip a lot of times as they are so close to Bratislava, and always booking.com won in Budapest when it comes to prices and quality as well as lots of people have big flats (5 rooms for example) and they turn it into hotels, and when I said hotel I really meant hotel when it comes to services, treatment and facilities you can rent a room there so close to city center for a very cheap price. On the other hand in Vienna and Prague, airbnb is the best option.

    Tip#2 (Transportation)
    If you are not renting a car, and decide to use normal transportation, I advice to buy 1 day ticket as its 3x cheaper that a single ticket per each destination (specially in Vienna) the single ticket transportation is between 2.80 to 3.40 as far as I remember, but 1 day ticket you can use for anything on the road except taxi can cost you between 7.00 to 7.80 euros

    Hope that helps but let me know if you have any further questions! 🙂
    have a safe trip. Adam

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