Pre-Financial Friday: an Update

Hey fam! Long time no…read.

~Quick update~

I have been absolutely swamped at work the past few weeks (last week I watched the sun set from my office every day and this week I watched it rise) so writing kind of fell to the back burner. Plus last weekend Seth and I spent the weekend trekking to Cape May to work in a theater for the weekend, so even my usual blogging time was taken up by work (but, hello side hustle extra cash!) But now my schedule has calmed back down so we are back to blogging!

This post won’t be too long because it’s mostly an update on how Financial Friday is going to work going forward. In an effort to get our financial tips and tricks out to you all faster and more efficiently, our weekly financial advice will be posted on our Instagram. Every Friday, we’ll post little ways we save money, spend wisely, and afford our trips!

We will still post the occasional full-length blog post if the topic warrants, but I’m looking forward to getting this info out to you in a new way!

If you don’t already, follow us on the ‘gram. While you’re at it, follow us on Facebook and BlogLovin’, too!

Until our first #FinancialFriday Insta post tomorrow, check out some of our previous posts:

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How to Save When You Have to Spend: Part 1

How to Save When You Have to Spend: Part 2


That’s all for now! Thanks for reading this super short update. Stay tuned for a great post this weekend too!


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